Over the past decade since establishment, Victory Precision has developed and grown despite ups and downs, troubles and difficulties, and with care of the leadership at all levels and support of all walks of life, and also the common efforts, innovation and reform and active transcendence, the company has realized development in leaps and bounds.


    In view of the new challenges and opportunities, Victory Precision will continue to uphold the spirit of “innovation, transcendence, transparency, communication, and initiative”, take carrying forward the national industry as its own mission, bring the advantage of self-innovation into fully display, stress on excellent manufacturing and cost leadership, enhance the all-round core competitiveness, and make unremitting efforts to become the internationally leading “global supplier in structural module manufacturing service industry”!


                                                                                                                                                                                                    ------Gao Yugen


  • President Gao Yugen won “China Labour Day Medal
  • President Gao Yugen won the title of 3rd round of  “Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” of Suzhou in Nov. 2010